While we wait for Idaho to allow online sales of CBD for an Idaho grown business, we can offer you Venmo or Cashapp if you wish to pay "online." Simply email us (or call) the item(s) you wish to purchase and your name and shipping information. Once we reply to you with your total and reference # you can simply click                               on the button and submit funds.
PLEASE when you enter notes simply reference your email address and the reference ID that we provide to you. Please do NOT reference CBD, HEMP, or any other phrase / terms related to it or the product name.


will generally be $5-$10 USPS ground (we will clarify this with you before you pay)


Within Kuna city limits is free and we can calculate delivery outside of that, however flat rate shipping is usually cheaper. We will discuss the available delivery windows available per day prior to you paying.

Pick up:

Simply pay online (venmo or cashapp) and let us know when you will be by, and we will have your order ready for you to pick up as well!