Kratom What it is!

So, what is kratom or Mitragyna speciosa? Kratom is a plant native to Asia, growing in Borneo, Thailand, Indonesia, and Bali. The kratom plant is in the coffee family and has recorded use for at least two decades, in different doses, to ease pain, increasing energy, improve sleep, and have an overall boost to health. Kratom is available in a capsule or powder supplement form.

The source of the supplement comes from the leaf, different strains are identified by the plant’s stem and leaf vein color. Each strain does have a different effect on the mind and body. The three veins are Green, White, and Red.

Now that I’ve mentioned the colors (veins), let us answer the question: What is with the colors?

Green vein kratom is in the energy-boosting side of the kratom strains with increased alertness and mood as well as decreasing levels of pain. This vein can be a popular pick for those that would like to increase their overall energy levels and moods during the day while fighting their pain or for anyone that prefers not to feel the side effects of pain relievers such as drowsiness.

White vein kratom is also on the stimulant (energy) side of the kratom strains and carries a euphoric and pain-relieving effect, like the green vein of kratom. White vein kratom is typically a choice when looking for balanced energy, decreased pain, and a cheerful mood. It does depend on the individual which strain is a higher energy boost some have felt green is more of a stimulant while others have reported white to give them more of an energy boost.

Red vein kratom is different from the green and white vein in that it is calming, with overall well-being and positive feeling. This vein is great for increased sleep helping with falling asleep and staying asleep. The pain relief felt with the red vein has been seen to be higher than the green and white veins. There are also reports that red kratom has been used for decreasing or altogether preventing opiate withdrawal symptoms. (We have only read the studies; we are not drug counselors or detox experts and would not be able to give advice on how to obtain these results. Please seek professional guidance for any addiction and know that there are hope and life after addiction!)

Which color should you start with?

This depends on the desired outcome you are after. We do suggest anyone wanting to try the red vein, reserve their first time for an evening, or when they can go to sleep if that outcome is reached. (Not needing to drive anywhere or must go work for example). The green and white veins have had different levels of energy for different people. Mostly we see higher energy out of the green vein than we do the white for the brand we carry. With this, we ask customers how they typically react to caffeine. If they are more sensitive, then we suggest starting with white. If the individual typically consumes larger quantities of caffeine with little to no effect, then green would be a good vein for them to start.

Overall, each vein will ease pain, whether you are after balancing your energy or your sleep will determine which vein to consider for your first try. Veins can also be mixed for obtaining multiple effects desired. The brand in which we carry at CBD Kave sells has created a mixed blend of white and red which is they have named Yellow. However, you can also create your own mixes and we have even mixed yellow with red to reduce the sedative effects of red while still getting an overall calming and pain-reducing effect.

The details in this post are best used for guidance and overall knowledge. A great way to determine which vein (or a mix of veins) is right for you would be to get a sample pack from CBD Kave which you can get 20ct capsules of each vein we offer (Green, Red, White, & Yellow) or a pack 50-gram powder of each vein.

So why do we, the owners of CBD Kave, use kratom in our everyday nutrition routine? And why did we decide to include it in our CBD storefront?

To start, we had kratom suppliers reach out to us as it is very common for CBD stores to also offer Kratom. We do not bring anything into our store without first researching, cross researching, and then testing it our self. The research we did intrigue us for an additional pain management alternative to synthetic options. After trying the product we felt it mixed well with our other natural remedies (CBD, Essential oils, and Massage Therapy). With these supplements and techniques only, our chronic pains have been managed and our overall, mental health, energy levels, and quality of sleep have reached far better levels then we had anticipated every achieving.

When we have a positive response to something natural and that we believe is a healthier alternative we share it with others that might also benefit as we did. In the last year since introducing Kratom to our life and to the lives of others, we have seen many positive results!

Get in touch with us or come into our shop to discuss how Kratom might be a positive addition to your daily nutrition !

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