Pet Anxiety

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

It's almost the 4th of July which means fireworks. For us, here in the Treasure Valley or any other place that has legal fireworks, it is this time of year that we get nightly fireworks going off from all around our neighborhood. Some pets are not bothered by these sounds, while others very much are. In addition to the loud sounds of fireworks, there are a lot of reasons a pet can suffer anxiety, such as separation, abuse or past trauma, moving vehicles (both while inside or passing by), other animals, and more. The anxious characteristics our pets show for any of these reasons are hard to witness and not want to help calm them.

Many pet owners, including ourselves, have tried natural remedies to help our pets. These include a lot of great products, such as coats, hoods, and natural supplements. There are also prescription options to treat pet anxiety.

*Fun fact; you can't use the words treat, cure, or heal unless it is in relation to prescriptions.

We have spoken to a number of pet owners who have tried one or all of these options and while they worked, some were not quite enough and some came with their own negative side effects (I'll let you guess which one has those).

CBD is and has been a great, all-natural, resource to help calm pets (and their human) in these moments. The calming attributes of cannabidiol (CBD), works throughout the entire nervous system, aiming for the endocannabinoid system. This creates a calming effect over any anxiety without causing a "high".

We always suggest to start with a lower dose and work your way up to find the right milligrams of CBD for your pet. We have seen many recommendations start at 5 mg per 25 lbs of the pet. Just like humans, no two dogs are the same and they will respond differently. This doesn't mean their needs to be a fear of giving your pet too much but we feel it's important to get the relief we are after without having to overuse anything. Which helps keep that cost down as well. Monitor your pet the first week of use, note the changes within them. Increase the milligrams if they still show signs of anxiety, or decrease the dose the following day if they were sleeping a lot more and not very active.

We have had pet owners report their pets activity and energy increase when taking CBD. *This has primarily been the case when the pet is in pain and is no longer feeling that. The pain was slowing them down.

When shopping for your pets CBD Products take a look at the other ingredients in the product. Is your pet allergic to any of them? Or are those ingredients even pet friendly at all. There are many products labeled and marketed for pets however they are made the same as the products labeled for humans. So if you are looking to give CBD a try for yourself and for your pet, look at some non-flavored tinctures that are safe for both humans and pets. you can add a serving of the CBD to your pet's favorite food or treat and then do the same for your self.

If you want to get your pet a special treat in the form of a pet edible, still watch those labels and ingredients, but the flavoring is key. Pick one you know your pet enjoys, such as bacon, peanut butter, or catnip. Only one treat have we had our dog turn away from, we assumed the smell is the main reason she didn't want it. The aroma of this treat was too much like a plant and she is not about that Vegan life.

CBD can be a great addition to your and your pet's life to ease those anxious moments. This 4th of July holiday could be a great time to test that out and see how well it works. Please message or call us for any questions and to get your products.

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