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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Do you remember when cigarettes were healthy? Yeah me neither, that was before my time. It is true though, they used to say smoking cigarettes was healthy. As a child, my mom would light her mom's smokes for her. Calm down "karens" of the world! My grandmother is well into her 80s now and knows better. Actually her and my grandfather quit smoking years before I was born. If she heard I was telling this story she would be embarrassed, she didn't like my mom telling us the story out of pure shame, but at the time she didn't know how bad cigarettes are, how could she? Articles of the contrary were being published. Doctors were encouraging their patients to smoke. You were unhealthy if you didn't smoke! Put that thought in your pipe and smoke on it for a minute.

Why do I bring this up? Let's face it we've been treating the marijuana plant this way for years. Only it had been criminalized, as of the 20th century due to political reasons (that's another post). We are now seeing that come back around, here in the states, but for years we shunned the entire plant. I remember as a teenager finding a hemp seed-based hand lotion at the mall. It was the best lotion I had ever felt in my short sheltered life, and I thought I was being such a rebel for buying it. Why do so many of us still have a hard time with this plant? We are either on the side of decriminalizing or we are on the side of keeping it criminal? In my opinion, this is because we are of the generations that were raised to believe it was bad, it was a gateway, it would cause us to destroy our life and the life of others around us. There wasn't a whole lot supporting those claims then. Now we have a whole lot proving the opposite!

Consider for a minute not only the life of Tabaco and nicotine in our society but also alcohol. We know with facts the negative effects these each has and that there are no positive uses for them, rather they just make things worse including our physical, mental, and emotional health. Don't worry I do enjoy a nice beer or wine and I did enjoy my 20s I'm just saying it is time we normalize the Marijuana plant! Allow its many many known uses to be available for us all and open the door of possibility to find all the other, unknown, uses of this plant. Look at CBD for example. It has always been apart of the plant and now we can extract it and use it in and for so many things.

I encourage you to learn more and think openly about this plant. Not for the purpose of THC but for ALL the benefits this entire plant brings (food, clothing, rope, & fuel to name a few). Move it into the same category you hold essential oils of lavender and frankincense or to your Vitamin C and D supplements.

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